Liora -
Our Story

The Liora Collection was inspired by a passion to craft the most exquisite fine jewellery that radiates luminosity, elegance and style. Every piece contains the finest crystal, made with Swarovski® Elements.

Swarovski® Elements is the premium brand for the finest crystal created by Swarovski® in Austria. Since 1895 these elements have provided a fabulous palette of inspiration for designers in the worlds of jewellery, fashion, accessories, interior design and lighting.

The heritage of Swarovski® is brought to you in the exquisite Liora collection, a range which radiates luminosity, elegance and style. Each piece is made with the finest Swarovski® Elements and is expertly hand crafted.

For over 100 years jewellery designed with Swarovski® Elements has brought timeless beauty for owners to treasure, for whatever mood Liora jewellery will enhance any outfit or occasion.

The Liora collection emphasises the beauty of Swarovski® Elements, the designs enhance each stone’s timeless beauty.

The purity of the Swarovski® Elements means that customers can experience the feel of the most premium precious jewellery, the Liora range reflects contemporary understated style.

Each piece has been exclusively designed around the Swarovski® Elements to truly enhance their beauty, most styles have complimentary pieces making the collection desirable and collectable.